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Volleyball coaches make sure that all of their instructions and activities are in complete agreement with the organization’s existing policies and regulations. They administrate/oversee behavior, state of the volleyball team, and team arrangement. They ensure that every game is conducted in a peaceful ambiance, which encourages athletes to show sportsmanship, respect, and maturity. Volleyball coaches are also responsible to represent a volleyball team, develop players, select talented players, provide necessary training, let athletes undergo overall development, advise players to adhere to the modulatory principles and norms of the organization, motivate team members to perform well in studies aside from the sport, formulate volleyball plans, instruct players on how to use any gymnasium equipment, and manage the game expenses. 

Other duties of volleyball coaches include directing assistant coaches, instructing the players on their diet, teaching tricks or methods to team members, explaining the utmost importance of teamwork, participating in meetings with athletes, joining seminars, backing up sports programs/athletic plans, inspiring players to join other volleyball events, protecting athletes from injuries, evaluating coaching programs, and executing other duties that any organization requires. 
For the skills, volleyball coaches must have effective coaching techniques, professional enthusiasm, advanced communication skills, mentoring skills, complete knowledge of the sport, scheduling skills, program management skills, and conditioning skills. Create your Volleyball Coach Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Volleyball Coach Resume?

Below are some tips and steps to write your resume: 

Write a Great Summary for Volleyball Coach Resume
In your profile summary, be sure to highlight your biggest attributes and accomplishments. Remember to use powerful words and showcase your best qualities as a volleyball coach to convey your understanding and knowledge of the sport. Also, keep it professional, short, and easy to understand. 

Showcase the Most Relevant Skills as a Volleyball Coach in Your Resume
What are the skills that an organization, university, or college looks for? It is always better to look for a particular job listing to help you find your most relevant skills. You can incorporate a mix of soft and hard skills, too. Professional enthusiasm, effective coaching techniques, mentoring skills, advanced communication skills, and conditioning skills are a few good examples. 

Mention Your Accomplishments Rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that Match the Volleyball Coach Position 
Do you have an accomplished background of coaching or leading a variety of teams to victories? Have you helped student athletes realize their full potential as a volleyball player? Mention these things in this section, giving you an edge over other qualified candidates. 


Seasoned and accomplished Volleyball Coach with an accomplished background of coaching effectively and leading teams to victories. Wholeheartedly committed to helping student-athletes realize their greatest athletic potential. Highly skilled in all aspects of Volleyball, and adept in instructing athletes regarding serve techniques, blocking techniques, and passing techniques.

Professional Experience

Sherman Oaks High School
Feb, 2016 Present
Volleyball Coach
  • Coached Junior Varsity and Varsity Volleyballs teams, with a three-year Championship record.
  • Collaborated with Athletic Coordinators to enhance the Volleyball programs each year.  
  • Coached players about proper form, performance-enhancing techniques, and sportsmanship. 
  • Assisted players with physical setbacks or injuries by offering modified conditioning programs.
  • Worked to recruit and retain promising players by promoting a happy and peaceful team community. 
  • Continuously honored my commitment to the guidelines and mission of the school.  
Athletic Trainers of Pasadena
May, 2012 Dec, 2015
Volleyball Coach
  • Worked one-on-one with adolescent Volleyball Players, helping them to improve their technique and game. 
  • Designed individual and small-group lesson plans, aiming to support existing competencies, and foster the cultivation of new ones. 
  • Created and implemented powerful physical conditioning programs to support overall wellness and athleticism. 
  • Adhered to the guidelines and policies of the organization, and worked as a positive team member. 


favourite quote

Get busy living or get busy dying.

~Stephen King


Organized and managed an effective youth program
  • Assisted Head Coach in training to U-14 volleyball team by providing technical, non-technical, and administrative support.
  • Participated in all internal and external volleyball games and provided support and efficient feedback to the team.
  • Participated in all coaches meetings to keep track of lasted information and techniques regarding games and practices.
  • Coordinated, trained, and conducted fundamental volleyball mechanics and techniques, skill drills for individual players and team.
Responsible for recruiting, interviewing
  • Organized and planned all practices and offseason workouts.
  • Scheduled all practices, clinics, matches, travel, and tournaments.
  • Ordered necessary equipment and apparel as needed.
  • Planned and facilitated fundraisers to maintain an annual budget of up to $15K.

Key Skills

Effective Coaching Techniques
Advanced Communication Skills
Complete Knowledge of Volleyball
Program Management Skills
Exercise Science and Nutrition
Conditioning Skills


Pidgin English


Bachelor of Sports Management
Manhattanville College
Aug 2008 - Dec 2010
High School Diploma
Iona Preparatory School
May 2005 - Sep 2007


Certificate in Volleyball Coaching
May 2016
Villanova University
Volleyball Camp Certificate
Feb 2017


  • Pool
  • Billiards
  • Clubbing
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Dancing
  • Social media

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want to secure a Volleyball Coach position with ABC Company that will allow an individual with excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills to benefit the organization.

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