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A Technical Author is accountable for writing, editing as well as proofreading text; you will also collate and verify information, create as well as edit pictures and diagrams. Liaising with other staff like translators, photographers as well as printers are also your responsibility. You will also produce indexes as well as catalogs. Typical employers of a technical author include engineering and telecommunication companies, technical publishers, computer hardware and software companies, civil service, technical publishers, and many more.

Having a technical or scientific degree can assist you in getting into this profession. It’s possible to be a Technical Author with no degree; however, usually, you have to gain pertinent technical skills in working in a technical setting or environment. Hiring managers search for proof of an authoritative, concise, and clear writing style, so it is essential to have a well-written resume. Create your Technical Author Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Write an Effective Technical Author Resume?

To stand out from the rest, you need to have a well-written summary. Here are a few tips. 

Make a Technical Author Resume Summary
Ideally, this must be a pithy of your experience. The fact that you are a technical author, the words must be powerful, and your summary must be precise and accurate. These three lines will get you half-way in your selection. If you are able only to write two lines here, it’s better than the summary with an extra vague third sentence. It just lessens weight. This will assist you set yourself apart from thousands of ordinary side hustle applications. You can take a look at some of our examples of a summary technical author resume.

Highlight an Experience Section
You have had a writing job for a few months, and you have to write a remarkable experience section to get this new job. So, how you make this small experience counter count as a superb work?  You must make a story around your writing work in order to make it meaningful. Since you have a short experience, it is highly recommended to include part-time technical writing work.

Don’t Forget to List Technical Writer Skills.
Literally, there are hundreds of skills you can include. However, you will need to be specific here based on what the work needs or demands of your skills in technical writing.

Educational Section is Vital for a Good Technical Author Resume
A Technical Author is born out of an array of disciplines. So, you might or might not have a specific degree in writing. That is fine; you can include specialization or a high degree with a certificate course in technical writing.  You can skip it if the degree you hold is not relevant to the profession.


Strong Technical Author with past experience writing end-user documentation for high-end consumer electronics. Seeking to grow brand loyalty and customer satisfaction at LG. At Ampere Communications, wrote 60% of the technical manuals for 15 flagship products.

Professional Experience

Sep, 2016 Jan, 2020
Technical Author
  • Authored and published 2 product user manuals for mobile apps. It serves 15,000 clients across country.
  • Conducted audience analysis. Collaborated with IT Managers and stakeholders to generate instructional and user guides.
  • Edited and updated all published and in-queue technical documentation as per marketing guidelines.
  • Produced documents with infographics that are engaging, easy-to-read and visually-appealing to readers.
Ampere Communications
Oct, 2013 Sep, 2016
Technical Author
  • Wrote 60% of all end-user manuals for 15 flagship products, including phones and tablets.
  • Worked directly with 25+ subject matter experts to build understanding of product operation best practices.
  • Received “Standout Employee” company award for dedication and efficiency. Contributed materially to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Trained 2 other technical writers in research and writing process.


favourite quote

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

~Thomas A. Edison


Standout Employee Award
Received company “Standout Employee” award for contribution including an estimated 25% customer satisfaction boost.
Team Lead
  • Authored two 500+ page software user guides for alarm automation software and created an enterprise-level documentation system that is still in use today.
  • Managed the documentation system, creating and designing templates using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, SnagIt and Help and Manual, contributing to the company website marketing copy, customer service, and external customer training.

Key Skills

Interpersonal Skills
Team Management
Big Picture Thinking
Innovative Thinking




MS in Writing
Michigan University
Jul 2011 - Aug 2013
Bachelor Of Arts
Texas University
May 2007 - Jun 2011


University Of California
Grammar and Punctuation Certification
Duke University
English Composition


  • Reading books
  • Creative Writing
  • Writing poem
  • Acting
  • Beat Boxing
  • Cars

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next three years I want to obtain a long term career as the Technical Author at XYZ Company by deploying sound administrative and certified expertise in writing and editing product manuals and end user documentation.

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