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How to write a Resume for Software Engineer?

How to write a brilliant summary that highlights your career as a Software Engineer in a few words?
Pay attention to the keywords used and the way the sentence is formed. You must sound professional yet interesting to a recruiter at a first glance itself. If your Summary fails to grab the attention of a recruiter, he or she might not read through your complete resume. Keep the Summary in your Software Engineer resume under 500 characters. Following is a good example of a Summary for Software Engineer.

How to highlight your key skills such as AWS, Azure, C, C++, Python, PHP, SQL, Mongo, Oracle etc. if you are Software Engineer?
We have identified the few key skills that are most sought after by the professionals working as Software Engineer. Mention these skills only if you are good at it and use the slider option in our resume builder to rate yourself for each skill. We recommend you to mention at least 3 key skills and at most 6 skills.

How to write the work experience in a resume of Software Engineer?
Let us understand how to highlight your career as a Software Engineer. But, before we show you what to write, let us tell you how much to write about your professional work experience in your resume. After reviewing more than 14500 resumes across various levels of hierarchy and work domains, we at CraftmyCV have the following insights on how detailed your professional work experience as a Software Engineer should be. 

Always follow 5-3-2-1 rules while writing about your professional work experience. Write 5 or fewer bullet points for your current job, 3 or fewer bullet points for your previous job and so on. Deviate from this rule only if you need to highlight the work you did several years ago and that work experience is more relevant for the job you are applying for now.


Innovative Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur striving to make the world a more unified and connected place. A creative thinker, adept in software development and working with various data structures.

Professional Experience

Johannes Initiative
Nov, 2015 Present
Software Engineer
  •  Worked to enhance software systems to help educators, scientists, and policy experts already working on some of humanity’s greatest challenges.
  • Developed and enhanced programs to increase accuracy and lower costs. 
  • Developed strategies to ensure compliance with the new standards. 
  • Handled debugging and troubleshooting with a high success rate. 
Kindlinks, Inc.
Jan, 2004 Sep, 2015
Software Engineer
  •  Built and improved the infrastructure, offerings, product strategy, and design. 
  • Worked to continuously lead developments helping people to create, share, and discover technology driven solutions to real world problems. 
  • Remained up to date with the current events around the globe, and aimed to serve the people of the world with better ways to connect. 


favourite quote

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page''

~― Jodi Picoult


High Speed Data Service Monitor
Developed a prototype and final solution to demonstrate the feasibility of a mobile friendly, single page web application to monitor data services. 
Leveraged a unique combo of existing technology
PHP Backend, using the Laravel MVC framework, to present a REST API to be consumed by an application written in Angular 1 and styled with Bootstrap. Used OpenStreetMap and a Postgres database with Post GIS for customer mapping; visualized maps with Leaflet 

Key Skills

AWS, Azure
C, C++, Python, PHP
SQL, Mongo, Oracle
Node.js, Vue.js
Software Development Methodologies
Account Management


French Canadian


MSc Finance
Aug 2004 - Sep 2007
Master of Computer Science
Boston College
Jul 2001 - Jun 2004


Amazon Web Services (AWS Certified Developer)
Apr 2014
Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop
Dec 2014


  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Indoor Games
  • Pool
  • Walking
  • American Football

Social Media

In 3 years

To lead a team of software engineers in a large origanization while working on the latest and cutting edge technologies in education sector.

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