A Risk Manager is someone who drafts and communicates risk policies as well as risk processes in an organization. To put it simply, they are the ones who are knowledgeable with risks, predicting it, managing it once it happens, and providing a solution for it. This is why this job is one of the most significant roles in any organization, especially those involved in the banking and finance industry. On a more specific note, a risk manager’s main role is to provide hands-on risk development models, which generally include market, credit as well as operational risk. Aside from providing risk development models, another role of a risk manager is to provide research as well as analytical support in the organization. Also, it is not only their role to provide necessary technical data but also to provide assurance and security that everything is under control, and all is in order.
Aside from the roles of a risk manager, it is also important for you to know the responsibilities that your would-be employer will expect from you to execute. One of the many responsibilities is to design an overall or general risk management process for the company and implement it fully. You will also have to perform a risk assessment and risk evaluation, establish the risks that the company can take and those which need a contingency plan, create a business continuity plan, conduct policy, and conduct compliance audits. Create your Risk Manager Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Risk Manager Resume?

When applying for a job, your first impression will be your resume. Thus, it is a must for you to write an effective and impressive risk manager resume. Here are some of the most important tips that you should take and remember when writing one.
Write a Great Summary for Risk Manager Resume
In order for you to grab your would-be employer’s attention, you must write a concise yet powerful and convincing summary in your resume. A summary is usually at the beginning of your resume, which highlights the professional skills and the relative experience you have acquired. It can be written in the form of a short paragraph or bullet form. 
Showcase the Most Relevant Skills as Risk Manager in your Resume
When writing on the skills section of your resume, make sure that it is substantial and relevant to being a risk manager. Take note that if you only have a few job experience, or if you have none, focusing on the relevant key skills that the company is looking for from its applicants is one of the most recommended advice for you. Remember to impress but also be honest. Make sure that everything you have included in your list of skills to convince your would-be employer is true.
Mention your Accomplishments rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that match Risk Manager Job Position
Your accomplishment is what defines your competence for the job. This is why most employers look into this section more than the other details in resumes. Thus, it is more practical to mention your accomplishments rather than the roles and responsibilities that match risk management. In order for you to convince your would-be employer, prove to them that you are worthy through your accomplishments. 


Certified and experienced Risk Manager adept at working and performing well in rapidly changing business environments. Dynamic self-starter with proven ability to identify and analyze all sorts of financial risks and propose solutions to minimize them. Advanced Risk Management Professional with extensive analytical skills and determination to achieve results.

Professional Experience

Molson Coors, Inc.
Nov, 2016 Jan, 2020
Risk Manager
  • Discovered, analyzed, and documented areas of potential financial risks, including asset-backed risk, credit risk, foreign exchange risk, and liquidity risk. 
  • Worked on the improvement of company's risk management policies and procedures to minimize the risk as much as possible.
  • Generated monthly risk management reports and presentations; presented findings and proposed solutions to the Board of Directors.
  • Collaborated with the Finance Managers on the development of new financial model and revenue forecasts.
BDO, Inc.
Nov, 2013 Oct, 2016
Assistant Risk Manager
  • Monitored financial risk in the assigned area through collection and analysis of data from reports, statements, and feedback provided by employees.
  • Recommended potential solutions and coordinated actions to minimize the risks.
  • Worked closely with the Operations Department on risk prevention programs and new workers' compensation program.
  • Conducted loss analysis and reported findings to managers; pro-actively participated in weekly team meetings.


favourite quote

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.

~Lance Armstrong


Director of Risk Management
  • Ensured support, development opportunities and performance management, with stretch targets and performance monitored accordingly.
  • Managed, developed and delivered through a global Risk Management team.
  • Built and developed risk analytics department that provides decision analysis for retail and internet-based leasing operations.
Employee of the month
  • Reviewed, tested and independently implemented pricing and/or stress test models.
  • Produced written model review reports.
  • Conducted on-demand analyses of model performance.
  • Participated in the model control and model risk management processes of the Firm.

Key Skills

Interpersonal skills
Communication skills
Analytical skills
Problem-solving skills
Ability To Work Under Pressure




Master of Science
NY University
Jul 2011 - Aug 2013
Bachelor of Science
University of North Carolina
Jun 2007 - Jul 2011


Certified Risk Manager


  • Computers
  • Darts
  • Composing
  • Music
  • Baseball
  • Movies

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I will be looking for a challenging opportunity in 'ABC Company' to use my extensive knowledge on risk analysis, accurate preparation of corporate documents and implementation of policies for the benefit of clients as well as the organization.

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