The Business Program Manager plays a vital role in any organization. Business Program Managers are responsible for implementing strategies and planning. They ensure effective quality assurance of the program. Business Program Manager has many roles it includes program governance arrangements and plans. This job position is key in any organization. Their job is to maintain the overall integrity of the program. They are responsible for facilitating the appointment of individuals to the project teams. They can work with the business change manager on the transition as usual position. Other responsibilities include defining programs governance agreement, planning and designing programs, managing the program’s budget, and many more. 

A Business Program Manager must have multiple skills. Some of the skills required for the position of Business Program  Manager include effective leadership, good communication, risk management, cost management, negotiation skills, critical thinker, quality management, technological skills, patience, and other skills that are related to business. As long as you have these skills, you are qualified to be a Business Program Manager. Create your Business Program Manager Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Business Program Resume?

Below are some tips for writing the best Business Program Manager resume.

Write a great summary for a Business Program Manager Resume.
You must have a well-written summary for your Business Program Manager Resume. A professionally written resume will help you to pass the next level. The goal here is to get the job position you are applying to. With the help of your professionally written resume, you can convince the recruiter to finish reading your whole resume. We will provide you with a good sample summary for your application for the Business Program Manager position. The sample we provide will give you a higher chance of getting the job position.

Showcase the most Relevant Skills as a Business Program Manager in your resume
It’s imperative that you only write the skills you truly possess in your resume because it can give you problems in the future. Include some common skills that you have and some key skills that make you unique from applying for the same job position. Convince the recruiter that you have what it takes to be a Business Program Manager.

Mention your accomplishments rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the Business Program Manager position
 Accomplishments will give you many advantages in getting the job position you are applying to. Mention some of your accomplishments and experience in your resume to make it look good and appealing to the recruiter’s eyes. A professionally written resume will help you get your dream job. Lastly, don’t lie in your resume. Just be true to yourself. If you have the skills and qualifications, you will surely get a Business Program Manager’s job position.


Innovative Program Manager with a proven track record of strategically guiding organizations to reach goals. Adept in overseeing the progress of operations, and monitoring cross-company projects. Experienced in leading staff members and evaluating project progress to achieve results in a timely manner.

Professional Experience

Deloitte Solutions
Feb, 2013 Oct, 2019
Program Manager
  • Led company projects and initiatives based on needs and goals. 
  • Oversaw cross-company projects and evaluated performances. 
  • Led risk and resource management initiatives. 
  • Created and distributed written reports for program directors. 
Reel Solutions
Mar, 2009 Feb, 2013
Program Manager
  • Helped to build and lead teams of problem-solvers and managers. 
  • Provided comprehensive program management for the company and oversaw remedial designs. 
  • Prepared proposals and cost estimates for projects.
  • Managed project contracts and schedules. 
  • Led a strong support team conducive to the company's success. 


favourite quote

Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.

~Grace Coddington


A Visionary Encounter
With Mr. Earl Bakken, Medtronic’s founder, in Hawaii, learned how our worldwide mission to “restore lives” all started out of his garage.
Led the reimplementation of Intel revenue pipeline
  • Facilitated complex virtual and linked teams in multiple organizations. 
  • Created communications, staffing, and stakeholder management strategy. 
  • Designed and implemented the outsourcing strategy for the maintenance of the pipeline.

Key Skills

Performance evaluation
Problem-solving skills
Leadership skills
Program Management Skills
Analytical thinking skills.
Creating A High Performance Culture




Master of Computer Science
Jul 2007 - May 2009
Bachelor of Computer science
New York University
Jul 2003 - May 2007


AWS Solutions Architect (CSA)
Aug 2013
Certified Scrum Master & Product Owner
Feb 2016


  • Clubbing
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Computers
  • Adventure Sports
  • Gardening
  • Movies

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want a position at NICE Systems; having hands-on experience in planning, analyzing, and implementing assigned projects, and ensuring delivery of projects within established constraints.

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