Considering the increasing global commerce trend, the manufacturers have to remain competitive and address the consumer's discerning thirst. Hence, they rely on the Product Designers to develop new and innovative products from time to time. As a Product Designer, you should have a vast knowledge of global market trends to meet consumer's needs. Having a reliable and excellent resume is essential to land a spot in any company's design team. Your Product Designer resume should showcase your ability to introduce the next trendy product to drive sales for the company. 
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How to write a mesmerizing Resume for Product Manager?

To make a great impression on your prospective employers, you will require a resume that efficiently highlights your overall expertise. Consider paying attention to the following things while building your resume for Product Designer: 
1] Backup your design experience with a portfolio that contains your best work. 
2] In your portfolio, include only finished models that you created with the latest publishing software and digital design.

Following is an excellent example to write an impressive summary for the role of a Product Designer:
Include a skill section emphasizing your professional expertise. Most of the job seekers mention many skills on their resume. However, this approach may lead your resume into the trash. Hence, to give the recruiters a transparent and fair idea of your core skills, you should choose them wisely.
To make your skill-set seem more relevant, always modify it as per the job description provided by the employers. 
Following is the list of some prominent skills that an ideal Product Designer should possess:
1] Industrial Knowledge
2] Visual Awareness
3] Commercial Awareness
4] Technical Knowledge
5] Customer Service Skills
6] Communication Plans
Adequately highlight your work experience
It would be best if you focus on keeping this section short yet exciting. While mentioning your work experience, follow the descending order rule. When you write your roles and responsibilities, please do not overdo it. Write more about your achievements and less about your role in general. It will help if you polish your work experience section from time to time.
Mention your relevant Educational Qualifications and Certifications
A bachelor's degree in the field of Design is required to be an eligible candidate for the role of a Product Designer. Always make it a point to list the most relevant educational qualifications. If possible, modify it according to the targeted job description. If you have pursued any courses related to product designing, proudly mention it on your resume. This technique will be beneficial in creating a positive impact on recruiters. It shows your eagerness to stay updated with industry trends always.
Here are some essential Certifications which a Product Designer should possess:
1] BTEC Certification in Art and Design - KC College
2] Design Thinking for Innovation Certificate - University of Virginia
Add the social media links on your resume for Product Designer. Consider adding your social media skills on your resume to give the employers a personal perspective of yourself. If you plan to do so, make sure that you keep it clean and ethical.
It would help if you also consider adding your work portfolio links. 


In depth knowledge of conceptual design, design refinement, rapid prototyping methods and design for high volume manufacturing. Proficient with CS4, In design, 3D CAD, Solid works Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Ability to communicate through design sketching, models, renderings, specifications and presentations. Good understanding of electronic component production.

Professional Experience

Karten Design
May, 2017 Present
Senior Product Designer
  • Work with the General Manager to help create a feature roadmap that moves us closer to achieving our vision.
  • Work closely with product managers and engineers to get features developed and launched.
  • Partner with product managers to define product strategy and with developers to design for both quick insights and long-lasting improvements.
  • Work closely with visual designers and web developers, providing limited direction as necessary.
  • Provide links to past work, whether for clients, former jobs, or personal. Show us how your mind works and how impactful you can be.
Feb, 2013 Jan, 2017
Lead Product Designer
  • Developed and document end-product specifications that support downstream development and implementation work – e.g. use cases, test scenarios, design artifacts.
  • Collaborated with our team - Worked closely with product management, engineering, and customer success throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Analyzed existing data structures and assist with the development of logical and physical data models.
  • Worked closely with the product management team to formulate strategic product direction.
  • Worked with developers to implement strategies that ensure technical success.


favourite quote

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

~Bruce Lee


Researched and developed new products
  • Implemented new manufacturing techniques that cut production time in half while using fewer employees.
  • Developed test methods and implemented them to achieve a reduction in returns by 30%.
  • Designed and built fixtures used in manufacturing which helped increase productivity and accuracy to nearly 100%.
  • Found and contacted new and old suppliers to maximize profits on new and current product lines by working with them to maximize product efficiency.
Designed full line of licensed BMX bikes
  • Inspected samples for quality then, documented and reported recommendations for improvements.
  • Seasoned in the most common manufacturing and printing color processes e.g., molding, offset-lithography.
  • Developed sales materials in printed and portable document format for electronic distribution for the sales team.
  • Streamlined workflow using File-Sharing, File Management, Compression methods, and Pre flighting.
  • Researched competitive brand innovations in product design, aesthetics, and packaging that translated into profits.

Key Skills

Industrial knowledge
Visual Awareness
Commercial awareness.
Technical Knowledge
Customer Service Skills
Communication Plans




Bachelor’s Degree in Design
Georgia State University
May 2006 - Feb 2010
Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering
Rhode Island College
May 2004 - Jan 2006


KC College
BTEC Certification in Art& Design
May 2016
University of Virginia
Design Thinking for Innovation Certificate
Dec 2017


  • Deep Sea Diving
  • Reading
  • Baseball
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Movies
  • Billiards

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years, I am hoping to gain a Designer position with Bcom Group to increase traction of users of a product over a wide geographical area.

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