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A process engineer is one of the key members of any organization. His contributions will have a great impact on the company’s performance and eventual success. This is achieved because process engineers serve as a company’s analyst and strategist. 
A competent process engineer should be able to properly conduct risk assessments and come up with mitigating measures or solutions in order that its occurrence or recurrence may no longer take place. A good process engineer is able to strategize on a matter that may happen to the company and should be able to provide a roadmap towards achieving the company’s visions and goals by devising a guide as to the implementation of programs, processes, and procedures that will enable the company to grow and continually improve. Create your Process Engineer Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to effectively write a Process Engineering Resume?

Being a process engineer entails many soft and hard skills. However, you cannot outline every single one of these in your resume as it could mean pages upon pages of skills learned and certifications earned. It is important to note that the candidate should showcase those skills that are directly related to the position of process engineer. By doing this, the hiring manager or employer will be able to grasp if the candidate possesses the qualifications and skill set they require in their organization. Now, here are some of the important matters that you need to include in your resume in order that you will be a top candidate.
Highlight your communication skills. This may not seem very important in the field of engineering. Still, as a process engineer, you should be able to clearly convey your message across all levels and to every personnel in the organization. Since you are the person tasked with strategizing the growth of the company, you should possess the skill of being able to send out this message. If you have undergone leadership training or personality development courses, showing these in your resume will serve as proof that you have taken steps to better yourself.
Identify any additional training you may have undergone. Any certification under ISO is a plus for this position. Whether it be for Quality Management System or Environmental Management System or Integrated Management System, having knowledge on how things are done according to internationally set and accepted standards is always an additional point towards you. In connection with this, if you have experience in successfully earning ISO certification or recognition for an ISO certifying body, then that participation should also be noted in your resume.
Set a brief description of how you are able to perform process management. It is very easy to say that you are capable of managing certain processes. However, citing specific functions of process management and stating your methods can put meat on your claim. By doing this, you are not simply putting empty words or claims at success, but you are actually giving evidence and credence to your abilities and skills. This way, hiring managers will know how knowledgeable you are in the field that you are applying for. 


Motivated Process Engineer developing new and innovative design processes, helping companies to meet and exceed projected expectations. Proven track record of helping companies to improve sustainability, reduce overall costs, and configure the best approaches for the most seamless and effective production. Assisted in the start-up of Pure Plastics and helped to guide company efforts and cost-effective production timelines.

Professional Experience

Pure Plastics
Jul, 2013 Sep, 2017
Process Engineer
  • Collected and recorded data pertinent to project goals and the successful and timely launch of Pure Plastics.
  • Put forth safe and reliable manufacturing systems, adept in producing plastics that comply with a higher standard for safety. 
  • Prepared samples for study and assessment. 
  • Worked to ensure budgets were followed and projects were completed by their due date. 
Aug, 2008 Jul, 2013
Process Engineer
  • Worked with clients and senior design members on new drafts and project outlines.
  • Assessed and redesigned control systems for more seamless production processes. 
  • Conducted in-depth studies to forecast future needs.
Canvex Inc.
Sep, 2006 Jul, 2008
  • Conducted thorough research on plastic chemistry and the chemical character of materials used in the production process. 
  • Worked to develop new and improved resin systems. 
  • Reported findings to superiors and published research results. 


favourite quote

A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul.

~Marcus Tullius Cicero


Responsible for increasing plant stability
  • Lead a cross-functional team to streamline the material movement process and increased wretch time- estimated $2M savings.
  • Conducted pilot test work on high rate thickener technology with Rio Tinto Alcan.
Scaled and implemented liquid ceramic process
  • Improved and controlled liquid ceramic slurry properties, resulted in an increased part yield of ceramic cores with highly defined shapes. 
  • Performed initial trial runs to implement novel core making processes researched by GE's R&D team, reduced the health and environmental impact of present slurry.

Key Skills

Project management
Management Information Systems
Knowledge of Regulations and Compliance
Analytical Skills
Commercial awareness.
Negotiation skills




Master of Science in Process Engineering
Pennsylvania State University
Jul 2006 - Aug 2008
Bachelor of technology
Pepperdine University
Jul 2002 - May 2006


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Feb 2014
In-House Certification
Feb 2018


  • Computers
  • Badminton
  • Music
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Writing
  • Golf

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I will be monitoring and maintaining degrading machines, also work to seek a challenging role as a certified process Engineer in a renowned organization.

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