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Lawyers go beyond representing clients in court or handling legal matters. They also advise clients on business transactions, lawsuits defense, claim liability, and more. Lawyers are responsible for interpreting both rulings and regulations for business entities, organizations, or individuals. They analyze outcomes of cases, present cases to juries, develop strategies in presenting cases, gather evidence to initiate legal actions, study legal data, argue motions, question witnesses, prosecute defendants in civil litigation, and study statutes and regulations.
To succeed as a lawyer, analytical skills are essential. There is a pile of documents you need to study, read related cases in the past, prepare arguments, and even analyze other legal matters.  Create your Law Student Resume by clicking on
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How to write a Law Student Resume to impress the Recruiters?

Some law students probably have a professional experience unrelated to law. How would you use that experience? How would you put it into your resume that indicates you’re a qualified candidate for the part-time legal job you are applying for? 
Good questions, and you came to the right place! Here are a few resume writing tips you can use: 

Write the most attractive summary possible
Write to express, not to impress. The majority of law firms screen out resumes with a repetitive and verbose summary. The secret here is to only provide related personal information. Before sending your resume, read it again, and omit unnecessary details. Don’t be wordy. Small, medium-sized, or large law firms prefer applications that are concise and short. 
Sometimes, law students might not notice that they are getting verbose in writing their resumes. Worry no more! We have different templates you can use as a guide. Browse our site for more details.

Present your most relevant skills
This is a bit tricky. It takes some time to identify the skills you have obtained from experience in the past. 
While determining your skill, demonstrate how you have acquired it. Let’s say you learn how to serve customers. Now, provide instances that allow you to obtain excellent customer support.
Repeat this process with other major skills you have. It makes the process easier than ever. But keep the description short and straightforward. 

Include what you have accomplished
Perhaps, it is not your first time to look for a part-time legal job. Maybe, you have worked as a law clerk, legal assistant, or paralegal before. You can include that professional experience in your resume, giving you an advantage over the rest. You can also add a brief background about your continuing professional education.


Drafted various court documents, invoices, and enclosures at attorneys' requests. Analyzed law sources, including statutes, recorded judicial decisions, legal articles, and Indiana Constitution. Organized legal memoranda and client correspondence. Proofed documents and submitted them to attorneys for review. Researched documents and publications for details that would establish evidence.

Professional Experience

New York County Supreme Court
May, 2013 Sep, 2016
Court messenger
Worked at the supreme court as a messenger of court and gained all knowledge of the law and ready to work as a good lawyer at an MNC being a business lawyer.
Medhurst Inc
Feb, 2011 Jun, 2012
Attorney assistant intern
Worked as Attorney Assistant for 1 year, see all court procedures regarding any case. 


favourite quote

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.

~Jim Rohn


Drafted amendments to license agreements
  • Researched trademarks to clear verbiage for t-shirt designs and clothing style names for Bass and Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Restructured and updated a database of all non-solicit clauses contained in sponsorship, software, and license agreements.
  • Participated in negotiation meetings for sponsorships with non-profit organizations and retail software usage agreements.
  • Reviewed and summarized music licensing agreements for songs used in advertisements on e-commerce sites.

Collaborated with senior attorneys
  • Observed prime brokerage agreement negotiations conducted by business and legal departments.
  • Assisted in putting together a standard form of a confidentiality agreement.
  • Conducted research about issuing structured products in emerging markets.

Key Skills

Answering Customer Questions
Market Research
Managing Diversity
Independent Learner




Ba Ll.b
American Law University
Aug 2009 - Jul 2010
London University
Aug 2005 - Jan 2007


Paralegal Studies Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Aug 2009
University of Technology
Graduate Certificate in Legal Studies
Aug 2017


  • Adventure Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Backpacking
  • Computers
  • Clubbing
  • Motorbikes

Social Media

In 3 years

Law school graduate looking to apply knowledge of laws, legal codes, and court proceedings and precedents to an attorney position.

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