GIS stands for Geographic Information System, which is a computer-based process utilized to manage, collect, model, analyze, and present spatial or geographic data. This system is important for the growth of an organization, so the position of a GIS Specialist is very important. A GIS Specialist manages and supports GIS applications according to growing business demands. They are also responsible for the development of quality control standards for the system application. As a GIS Specialist, you need to coordinate and plan GIS activities to meet the outlined goals. You need to perform data analysis and capture for the GIS product. You also have the responsibility to oversee management, data flow, and distribution activities for GIS support. 
Additionally, the GIS Specialist is also responsible for the maintenance of geospatial documentation for reference purposes. They also guide the technical needs of the GIS user if necessary. They provide assistance for the preparation of the annual budget. The requirements and skills needed to be a good GIS Specialist include high analytical thinking for analyzing databases and information and extensive knowledge about GIS. This job position works with different GIS tools. You also need to have good written, oral, and interpersonal skills to communicate and work well with the team. You must also have good. Create your GIS Specialist Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a GIS Specialist Resume?

The first step to acquire the position of a GIS Specialist is to have a well-written resume. You can follow the steps below to make the best GIS Specialist resume to win the job position. 
Make a convincing summary for the GIS Specialist resume
The summary of your resume is an essential part of your GIS Specialist resume. So, you must write in the most professional way to convince the recruiter to read the rest of your resume. You can use the sample summary below to get an idea in writing your summary. 
Include the most relevant skills of a GIS Specialist in your resume
With the tough competition for the job position, you must feature your skills relevant for the GIS Specialist position. It will encourage the recruiter that you’re competitive enough to do the job of a GIS Specialist. You can feature about 6 of your basic skills and three key skills. It will help you to get a chance for an interview for the GIS Specialist position. Be honest when presenting your skills. 
Present your achievements rather than the roles and responsibilities that suit the GIS Specialist position
It is also a good idea to feature your achievements in your resume. You can share your professional experience that is relevant for the GIS Specialist job position. It will help the recruiter to evaluate your competency as a GIS Specialist. More importantly, make sure to choose only professional words in writing your GIS Specialist resume. Never use vulgar words because the character is also important to acquire your dream job. 


Extracting data, collaborating with scientists to prepare maps using spatial data via botanical databases and field research datasets, 3D mappings, working with scientists globally supporting Geospatial analysis, research and providing mappings to support their data, technical documentation for conceptual designs and specifications.

Professional Experience

Detroit Labs
Sep, 2016 Jan, 2020
Senior GIS Specialist
  • Contributed to automation and improvement of GIS workflows.
  • Provided advice, guidance and support to database administrators and to application developers on access and use of data.
  • Contributed to the development of spatial databases and provided recommendations regarding spatial database infrastructure.
  • Provided data management, detailed mapping, and data analysis.
  • Developed and managed a comprehensive corporate spatial database.
  • Developed, published and enforced policies and procedures governing spatial data collection.
  • Management of GPS devices and undertaking GPS data processing.
Pinnacle Group
Aug, 2013 Aug, 2016
GIS Specialist
  • Provided support to the Web Portal developer in the process of developing the Web Portal.
  • Provided general assistance with daily operations (i.e. data archiving and retrieval, drawing management).
  • Assisted project teams with automating processes and workflows.
  • Performed ad hoc analyses and created ad hoc map products.
  • Worked under supervision of a project manager or senior-level team member.
  • Prioritized, organized and performed multiple work assignments.
  • Provided assistance in meetings.


favourite quote

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

~Quincy Seale


Employee of the year
  • Executed and performed a variety of scientific work on all phases of projects.
  • Collected and interpreted/ evaluated scientific data.
  • Executed and performed the development of plans, specification, analysis, evaluations, maps, position papers, procedures, and reports.
  • Prepared and presented oral reports of technical concepts, evaluation results, plans, and other reports.
  • Checked and ensured conformance to applicable technical standards as well as company policies and procedures. 
Team Lead
  • Concentrated and focused on screen and scan digitizing and orthorectification.
  • Developed and formulated standard operating procedures, quality assurance/ quality control and data management including reports and metadata development.
  • Developed and produced a variety of map products in ArcMap.
  • Provided estimates for completing projects.
  • Set priorities to successfully meet deadlines for multiple concurrent jobs. 

Key Skills

Analytical skills
Data Analytics
Communication skills
Active listening




Master of Science (MCRP)
Loyola University
Jun 2011 - Jul 2013
Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering
Loyola University
May 2007 - Jun 2011


Certified GIS Specialist
GIS Specialisation


  • Computers
  • Reading News papers
  • Creative Writing
  • Adventure Sports
  • Boating
  • Ice Skating

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years I want to be in a position as a Professional GIS Specialist in a highly established firm that will allow me to further boost my career in this field.

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