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Electrical engineers are part and parcel of the technological age that we are in. They are the designers and developers of electrical systems that abound in our society. They are the brains behind the working of electronic devices. The advancements we presently have cannot be had if it were not for the brilliant minds and capable hands of electrical engineers. Our daily living and the comforts we are so used to will not be as they are without electricity.

Many industries and even agriculture advancements will not be had if it were not for electrical energy. It has become an indispensable necessity and luxury that we can switch on a light bulb. We can have an illuminated night, or we can prolong the shelf life of foodstuff and even medication through refrigeration. All of these are innovations brought to us by electricity and made available to us because of electrical engineers. Create your Electrical Engineer Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to effectively write an Electrical Engineer Resume?

Making a resume is a very daunting task for many. It triggers anxiety as you are required to describe your work and expertise in just a few words. It necessitates that you bring focus on yourself and your capabilities and abilities without sounding boastful or exaggerating. Here are some tips you can consider in preparing and writing your electrical engineering resume.
Make compelling statements. Given that you only have limited space to pour out your relative achievements and work experience, you have to use that space to your advantage. The best way to go about this is by making compelling statements. Try to trim down run-on sentences and stick to the key elements. Be direct to the point but do not be too conservative in stating important details. By doing this, the employer will be able to see your ability to be quick on your feet and make judgment calls even under pressure. In deciding which elements to highlight and which elements to not include, you are exhibiting decisiveness. 
Consider the needs of the employer. Most employees secure jobs in order to provide for their families and themselves. In recent trends, there has been a tendency for a worker to jump from one company to another depending on the compensation package or other benefits. So, many companies nowadays are looking for employees with the potential to stay on a long term as well as perform their tasks with a certain degree of care for how it affects the company as a whole. Therefore, putting in statements that showcase your care for the performance and needs of the company or the employer can certainly give you an edge.
Specify the goals you have. It is easy and safe to just state a generic goal couched in general statements. But this mistake often gets your resume dumped in the trash. You have to state specific goals that you have or state your vision for your self so that the company will be able to see if your vision aligns with theirs and if you will make a perfect fit for the position. 


Innovative Electrical Engineer with a proven track record of evaluating electrical systems and applying knowledge of electricity and materials in a beneficial way. Adept in carefully diagnosing and assessing issues, and offering real viable solutions. Skilled in design, prototyping, and testing. Committed to working as a collaborative and positive team member, striving to utilize my knowledge and expertise for optimal engineering results.

Professional Experience

Central Vico Systems
Mar, 2011 Sep, 2019
Electrical Engineer
  • Oversaw and planned electrical specifications for new systems. 
  • Created and implemented test plans. 
  • Worked to create improvements that optimized production. 
  • Accurately diagnosed and directed system issues. 
  • Managed the diagnosis and repair of electrical circuits and wiring. 
Gonan International
Feb, 2008 Jun, 2011
Electrical Engineer
  • Collaborated with other engineers to ensure safe production processes. 
  • Performed preventative maintenance and tested equipment. 
  • Utilized my knowledge of power and distribution systems, circuit calculations, and instrumentation.
  • Routinely used tools such as oscilloscopes, function generators, and LCR meters. 
  • Worked with other engineers to solve problems and enhance processes.


favourite quote

Fake It Until You Make It! Act As If You Had All The Confidence You Require Until It Becomes Your Reality.

~Brian Tracy


Market leader
From 2010 to 2014 the system has been the most sold control system for the aluminum mill in China despite we were facing far bigger competitors. 
Introduced some new technology in my current company such as a remote assistance
the system, virtualization, and source code control. 

Key Skills

Strong Critical Thinking Skills
Complex Problem Solving
Knowledge of Technical Diagrams
Decision-making skills
Creating A High Performance Culture
Developing High Potential Talent




Master of Electrical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Jul 2005 - May 2008
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
University of Michigan
Jul 2000 - May 2004


Tufts University
Certificate in Practical Electricity.
Apr 2012
Certificate II in Electrotechnology
Jul 2017


  • Computers
  • Rapping
  • Reading
  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Outdoor Sports

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the next 3 years, Looking to use skills in time management, to work as part of a team, and meeting deadlines for the betterment of ABC company as an Electrical Engineer for the betterment of organization and self.

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