Cashiers are the people we usually see behind counters in a store or other establishments. The main role of a cashier generally revolves around customer service. They assist clients and customers with their concerns either by explaining specifically or recommending items based on their knowledge of them. If there are complaints or questions, their role is to answer them courteously. One of the most common responsibilities of a cashier, which is known by many, is to scan items and ensure that the prices, as well as the items’ quantities, are correct. Aside from this, other responsibilities of a cashier include, but not limited to, operating scales, cash registers, as well as other electronics, balancing their cash register, generating reports on their credit as well as debit sales, processing of refunds as well as exchanges, resolving customer complaints, and other related customer service responsibilities. 
Considering that the roles and responsibilities of a cashier generally involve customer service, applicants for this job are expected to possess the ability to manage and handle transactions with accuracy. They should also be able to know and follow all of the establishments’ policies and procedures, especially those with regards to the purchase of some specific items such as cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Create your Cashier Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write a Cashier Resume?

Every applicant’s tool to catch the attention of their would-be employer is to write an effective resume. With an impressive resume, you can already have an edge against other applicants seeking the same work position. To help you achieve your goal, here are some worth-knowing facts when writing a cashier resume.
Write a Great Summary for Cashier Resume
One tip in writing a great summary for a cashier’s resume is to include the relevant job experience you have done previously. You also have to include and emphasize the key skills that you have. Key skills are those which are necessary and highly related to the job description.         It is also wise to make the summary to be short and concise. The body of your resume must contain other details and specifics.
Showcase the Most Relevant Skills as Cashier in your Resume
It is important for you to only showcase the most relevant skills in a cashier resume. By this, we mean that you only have to include the key skills and common skills which are needed in the job. Also, it is wiser for you to know the skills required by the job. In the case of cashiers, an excellent and efficient customer service skill is the first on the list. Other skills are basic mathematics as well as computer skills, multitasking skills, and work flexibility and endurance.
Mention your Accomplishments rather than the Roles and Responsibilities that Match Cashier Job Position
The accomplishments that you have achieved are more interesting to the employers. Make sure to mention it rather than reiterating the cashier’s roles and responsibilities.


Energetic, hardworking Cashier valued for fast, friendly service and accuracy in handling customer transactions. Address customers’ needs while quickly moving them through the check-out process. Passionate about serving others and eager to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles.

Professional Experience

Brantley Supercenter
Nov, 2016 Jan, 2020
Retail Cashier
  • Greeted customers upon their entry into the store and helped them with any questions and concerns.
  • Operated a checkout lane and associated retail equipment, including scale, barcode scanner, belt, and cash register.
  • Performed all checkout procedures quickly and accurately each time, while also promoting the store credit card to customers.
  • Assisted sales floor staff with stocking shelves, keeping front lanes tidy, and assisting guests when needed.
Charles Boykin Menswear
Nov, 2013 Oct, 2016
Guest Service Associate & Cashier
  • Operated POS and inventory database locator at a boutique menswear shop.
  • Assisted shoppers with checking out, returning items, and general questions.
  • Maintained neat and clutter-free work area around the checkout area in accordance with brand policy.
  • Processed credit card, debit card, cash, gift card, and store credit transactions.


favourite quote

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”

~Cormac McCarthy


Retail Cashier
Achieved 1.5% Blue Card upsell in the entire year of 2019.
Lead Cashier
  • Successfully sell smart plans, credit cards applications, and reward cards on the daily basis.
  • Maintained an accurate cash draw of over $1500 per shift.

Key Skills

Loss Mitigation
Drawer Balancing
Customer Service Excellence
Cashier Audits & Reports
Retail Front-End Operations




Bachelor of Business Administration
NY University
Jul 2010 - Aug 2013
High School Diploma
Bronx High School
Mar 2006 - Apr 2010


State Excise Department
2019 Cashier Alcohol Serving Certification
Indeed Certification
Cashier Certification


  • Safari
  • Comics
  • Backpacking
  • Acting
  • Boating
  • Collecting Coins

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want seek a Cashier position at Office Supply Store utilizing my strong communication, problem solving, and mathematical skills.

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