As an application analyst, your job is to maintain information technology service and have personal or face to face correspondence with users who need your technical assistance. An Application analyst also serves as part of an IT team of a business or company, taking an analytic job to ensure that the computer application system being utilized meets the company's demands. Apart from just analyzing current systems, this can also signify designing, developing, and implementing their iterations and replacements to try and meet the company's objectives. The job description of an application support analyst is mostly the same thing, though they usually concentrate on the analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of application problems and errors.

As application analysts, you will oversee processes and practices to ensure the safety, integrity, and availability of all apps and data as part of the company's information system. You will ensure that the process required for a business to work and become successful runs smoothly, acting as a technical point of contact to fix system and app issues, generally on an immediate basis. Create your Application Analyst Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write an Application Analysts Resume?

To get the position, your desire as an Application Analysts, ensure you have a flawlessly and well-written resume. Your employer or hiring manager usually based their decision on how the resume is made. So, to help you with it, below are some tips to come up with the best resume for Application Analysts. 

Write an excellent summary for Application Analysts Resume.
Writing a summary can make or break your application process. Make sure it is well documented. This should be informative, short, but precise. This will convince the human resource or the recruiter to continue reading your application. 

Showcase the Most Relevant Skills
Make sure to include those skills you have as an Application Analysts. You must be honest and ensure that you have that knowledge. You can put in both common skills and critical skills. This will show how competent you are as an application analyst. 

Mention all your Past and Current Accomplishments 
Including your accomplishments in a resume enhance the chance of getting your desired position. You can write your professional experience to give the recruiter useful and valuable information regarding your accomplishments and achievements. You can put your experience with your past job if you have. It would be best if you wrote your resume using professional words, and as much as possible, you need to avoid using foul words. 


Detail-oriented and hard-working Application Analyst with a proven track record of success in developing computer application systems and automation tools, managing hardware/software configuration, and providing application support to clients. Possess a highly professional attitude, great analytical skills, and excellent time management abilities. Certified Software Tester determined to finish all projects within budget and in a timely manner.

Professional Experience

Phoenix, AZ
Jul, 2020 Present
Application Support Analyst
  • Ensure coverage and support of all critical service management processes: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Application Enhancements.
  • Provide release management/configuration management-related input to Application Development and QA teams from test cycles to production.
  • Work with Application Development Management on daily workload automation schedule including upkeep of exclusion list.
  • Work closely with business and other teams to assist in the overall definition of support items and provide quick assistance to meet SLAs.
Thrive Inc.
Jul, 2018 Aug, 2019
Application Analyst
  • Worked on the development of new computer application systems, implemented new, more efficient automation tools, and was in charge of multiple software upgrade projects.
  • Provided application support to clients, created application test plans, and conducted weekly reports on the progress of the projects.
  • Assessed and reviewed systems, identified and fixed any bugs and threats, and collaborated with colleagues in order to maximize overall operational efficiency - increased the operational efficiency by 35% within 2 years.
  • Coordinated hardware/software configuration, trained and managed new personnel, and pro-actively participated in weekly team meetings with executives.


favourite quote

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

~Lydia Sweatt


First Year Representative at Queen’s University.
Employee of the month
  • Developed the automated test file generator tool and expedited testing for major projects.
  • Defined strategies in converting Unix transmission scripts to a secure protocol.
  • Coordinated disaster recovery exercises and Improved disaster recovery procedures in application department.
  • Automated the error checking of more than 2 thousand db2 table backup jobs.
  • Integrated the ACR tool definitions with endeavor to control deployments.

Key Skills

Problem-solving skills
Customer Analysis
Analytical skills
Communication skills
Interpersonal skills




Master of Science, Information Technology
University of Phoenix
Jun 2018 - Jul 2020
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Jun 2013 - Jul 2017


Software Testing Qualifications Board
Certified Software Tester
Jul 2020
Implementation support specialist
Jun 2020


  • Computers
  • Reading
  • Baseball
  • Writing
  • Darts
  • Dancing

Social Media

In 3 years

Over the 3 years, I want to explore and develop more skills in Application Analysis and I want to have gained experience in leading projects for major clients. I will be looking for opportunities to expand my responsibilities within this role to work towards my goals.

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