Among the in-demand careers today, one can consider as Android Developer. The position is essential to develop and design advanced applications for the Android platform. The job position is also responsible for unit-testing code for strength like usability, edge cases, and general reliability. If you’re an Android Developer, you must know about bug fixing and how to enhance application performance. Android Developers collaborate with cross-functional teams on designing, defining, and shipping new features. You’re going to work with APIs and outside data sources. Android Developers also have a duty to continuously evaluate, discover as well as implement the latest technologies to maximize development efficiency. 
The skills and requirements to be an Android Developer include experience with Android SDK, APIs, and third-party libraries. It is also essential to have knowledge about the general mobile landscape, trends, architectures, and emerging technologies. You must understand the full mobile development life cycle. You must have experience in software development. If you want to be a good Android Developer, you must be a team player and has critical thinking and problem solving skills. You must also have interpersonal skills and excellent communication. Android Developers need to have good time management abilities. Creating Android applications needs an understanding of design and programming. Create your Android Developer Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How to Effectively Write an Android Developer Resume?

Do you aim to be an Android Developer? Well, the first step is to write an effective and professional resume. We offer advice on writing the best Android Developer resume. 
Write a professional summary for Android Developer resume
If you wish to be an Android Developer, make sure to include a professional summary in your Android Developer resume. With this, you can encourage the recruiter to read your entire resume. You can have a chance to get an interview for the position. 
Present your most relevant skills as an Android Developer in your resume
Another important factor to effectively write an Android Developer resume is to showcase your most relevant skills and abilities for the position. Meanwhile, make sure that you really acquire those skills. You can present about 3 key skills and 6 common skills. In this way, you can convince the recruiter to choose you as a candidate for their team’s Android Developer. Additionally, you can prove to them that you’re competent enough to do the responsibilities and duties of an Android Developer. 
Mention your achievements rather than the roles and responsibilities that match the Android Developer position
It is also helpful if you include a section in your Android Developer resume about your achievements that can match the Android Developer position. You can share your professional experience to give the idea that you’re ideal for the position of Android Developer. With this, you can sell yourself professionally in your Android Developer resume. 
You can include experience and skills that are relevant to be a good Android Developer. Make sure to use only professional words in your resume. Thus, the character is also important to win your dream job position. Never use vulgar and boastful words that may discourage the recruiter from choosing you as their Android Developer. 


Innovative Android Developer with years of experience designing, developing, testing, and maintaining Android applications in the sports entertainment industry. Built core features for an app with 50K+ downloads.

Professional Experience

Aug, 2018 Present
Android Developer
  • Worked with a team of 5 members and provided end-to-end solutions for clients.
  • Lead developer in 3 key projects of major clients.
  • Conceptualized, developed, and tested native Android applications, including UI, core functionality, and third-party SDKs.
  • Created successful proof of concept (POC) for NHL statistics Android app that is currently in production.
Android Developer
Aug, 2013 Feb, 2015
  • Designed and developed more than 10 mobile apps live on Play Store.
  • Complete development of more than 8 websites.
  • Established a team of 3 people covering every key role in an early-stagе startup.
  • Created an app which ranked in the top 10 for 2 months.


favourite quote

When one door of happiness closes another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the 1 which has been opened for us.

~– Helen Keller


Developed an android fitness application
Contributed to the full mobile application development lifecycle from planning, requirement gathering, development, testing, and launching on Google play store for beta testing. Responsible for development of all application components and UI resources.
Created actionable notification system
  • Implemented subscriber/follower system as well as an invite system (client-side).
  • Implemented a system to purchase, split, and redeem coupons for partner vendors.
  • Implemented scheduling system.
  • Integrated client-side application with server API via asynchronous tasks.

Key Skills





Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Computer Science University of Bronx
Aug 2008 - Nov 2010
Master of Science in Computer Science
NY University
May 2005 - Sep 2007


Associate Android Developer
Feb 2016
MCSD: App Builder
Apr 2017


  • Adventure Sports
  • Running
  • Gardening
  • Tennis
  • Collecting Souvenir
  • Bodybuilding

Social Media

In 3 years

In the next 3 years I want to seek an Android Developer position with ABC company that promotes the use of customer service and complex problem-solving skills.

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