An Accounting Technician is one of the in-demand jobs these days. The position allows the worker to perform the job in both private and public sector organizations. To ace this position, you should be able to balance your time in performing taxation, financial, and accountancy activities. An accounting technician is required to perform practical accounting tasks, monitor and assess financial information, and work towards the collation. Generally, the responsibilities of an accounting technician include the preparation of financial statements, commentaries, budgets, reports, and accounts. This job also does bookkeeping, checking financial transactions, undertaking financial administration, arranging payments, liaising with clients, colleagues, and managerial staff, and preparing the payrolls.  

As an Accounting Technician, you may be employed in a wide range of business types, which include engineering or manufacturing agencies, industrial organizations, retail or media companies, health or local authorities, utilities, insurance companies, building societies, banks, and charities. Create your Accounting Technician Resume by clicking on ''Use this Resume'' button.

How To Effectively Write A Accounting Technician Resume?

We will give you three important tips to increase your probability of getting hired for an accounting technician position. Read on to know further.

Prepare a Well-Written and Crisp Summary For Accounting Technician Resume
Make your Accounting Technician resume stand out among the others by adding a well-written and crisp summary. This part of your summary is essential as it will encourage your employer to read your resume further. In that sense, you need to give your best when writing this part. If you don’t know how to write an outstanding summary for an Accounting Technician summary, visit our website, and we will give some examples.

List Down Your Most Relevant Skills As An Accounting Technician In Your Resume
Another effective thing to include in your resume to make it more convincing is your skills. When listing down your relevant skills, make sure that you acquire them truthfully. Generally, we recommend to list down at least three key skills and six common skills. By doing so, your recruiter will have an idea regarding your competency to ace the position.

Include The Accomplishments You Receive From Your Previous Work That Match The Accounting Technician Position
Make sure that your employer will hire you right away by mentioning the accomplishments you receive from your previous works that suit the position you are applying for. When writing this section, make sure to use professional wording to look more competitive. Avoid using vulgar words. Also, do not write your accomplishments in a way that will make you look boastful. With this, you will have a higher chance to ace the Accounting Technician position at the agency you are applying to. Aside from your accomplishments, you may include your experiences relevant to the position you want to achieve.


Meticulous Accounting Technician with comprehensive knowledge of financial record keeping methods procedures and generally accepted accounting principles and practices. Able to utilize computer-generated reports query tools integrated financial systems and other of records management systems to interpret and reconcile financial data. Strong talent for investigating errors and discrepancies exercising independent judgment.

Professional Experience

Encompass Community Services
Sep, 2016 Jan, 2020
Accounting Technician
  • Verified external customer invoices for accuracy according to policy and procedure.
  • Calculated invoice control batches for approval prior to keying.
  • Key approximately 300-400 invoices per month within specified time period with minimal errors, ensuring completed batches are balanced, necessary documentation included, and filed numerically.
  • Researched and resolved invoice discrepancies and assisted inter and external consumers with payment/invoice inquiries.
  • Created spreadsheet to monitor monthly rent and janitorial contracts.
Nov, 2013 Sep, 2016
Accounting Technician
  • Applied technical knowledge and analytical skills to identify and eliminate re-work.
  • Provided support and trained other team members.
  • Prepared administrative reports for management.
  • E-mailed correspondence to vendors and customers, provided updates, findings and backup documentation, developed a positive rapport with team member and supervisor.
  • Demonstrated an understanding of lines of accounting, federal laws and regulations.
  • Utilized multiple accounting system to balance and reconciled outstanding invoices.


favourite quote

"If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary."

~Jim Rohn


Employee of the year
  • Key approximately 300-400 invoices per month within specified time period with minimal errors, ensuring completed batches are balanced, necessary documentation included, and filed numerically.
  • Researched and resolved invoice discrepancies and assisted inter and external consumers with payment/invoice inquiries.
Team Lead
  • Supervised sales and customer services representatives.
  • Acted as Chief Financial Officer for the company responsible for its financial reports.
  • Managed accounts payable and receivable.
  • Prepared and maintained all payroll processing documents and payroll reports.
  • Kept track of and organized daily sale transactions and closing statement reports.
  • Prepared and submitted comprehensive financial statements and payroll reports to State and Federal agencies.

Key Skills

Analytical skills
Problem-solving skills
Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Account Management


French Canadian


Master's in business administration
NY University
Jul 2011 - Aug 2013
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Howard University
May 2008 - Jun 2011


Certified Accounting Technician
Chartered Certified Accountant


  • Reading News papers
  • Badminton
  • Creative Writing
  • Computers
  • Composing
  • Beat Boxing

Social Media

In 3 years

I look forward to learn new skills and improve my knowledge to advance my career. In three years from now, I see myself as a knowledgeable professional having an in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry.

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